Built-in High Precision Analog Meter

A built in meter is the only way to know that you are getting safe and consistent stimulation levels

Instant feedback on stimulation levels

The Type A 18V Edition built-in analog meter reacts to electrical current instantaneously and is the safest way to monitor stimulation levels

Low-noise Progressive Adjustment Dial

Eliminates sudden uncomfortable jumps in electrical current. No micro-stepping or interference

Complete control over level of stimulation

The Type A 18V Editions is completely analog without a  microprocessor controlling how much current is being delivered. The signal is extremely clean and the curves are smooth when the user increases the levels; devoid of the typical micro-stepping pattern of cheaper “Made in China” units

Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Pads and connectors

The connectors and ElectroSquare pads are made to resist corrosion using high grade 316 marine grade stainless steel

Connect ElectroSquare electrodes easily and conveniently

The ElectroSquare cables have been treated with a special 24 hrs long corrosion resistance electroplating treatment. The pads have internal parts made out of marine grade 316 steel. This helps avoid premature corrosion, making ElectroSquare the best tDCS pads on the market.

18V with dual 9-volt Battery System

18V power cuts through skin resistance and delivers consistent results for over 6 months on a single pair of regular, alkaline batteries

18V system with the use of two 9-volt batteries

Replacing the Type A’s 18V Edition batteries is a simple process. The Type A’s dual 9-volt battery system is now easier than ever because of the built-in, easily accessible battery compartments. The extra power allows for a more reliable electrical connection.

The Best Priced Device Bundle

Get a tDCS device, ElectroSquare pads, cables and 2 headbands; all you need to get started

Stimulate your brain without draining your wallet

All the accessories needed to start using tDCS as part of your daily routine come with the Ultimate Bundle. All you need to buy are your own batteries. We provide a guide on how to make your own saline solution with regular table salt and water.

Built-in analog meter.
Progressive Adjustment Dial.
Heavy Duty Banana Plug Connectors.
Dual 9-volt Battery System for 18V total power.
ApeX Type A 18V Edition – Ultimate Bundle.

Why choose the ApeX Type A 18V Edition?

  • MORE POWER. 18V of reliable power to make sure you reach maximum levels of stimulation.

  • MORE COMFORT. Completely custom analog circuitry results in more comfort during stimulation.

  • MORE CONTROL. With the built-in analog meter, you can see your current setting instantaneously.

  • BEST IN CLASS. The Type A has the highest product ratings on Amazon and eBay customer from around the world.