Why choose the ApeX Type A 18V Edition?

The short answer is because  the ApeX Type A 18V Edition is the best solution on the market today. The craftsmanship, the package value, the accessories, the built-in features; all are real reasons why you should seriously consider the Type A as your tDCS device. At ApeX Electronics, we truly believe tDCS should have a future in the homes of as many people that could benefit from it as possible. We set out to create a device that was easy to use, affordable, safe, effective and well designed. Its time for you to get the ApeX Type A and see for yourself.


ApeX Type A. An independent review of our device.

We would like to share some exciting news! Our device was recently reviewed by Dr. Brent Williams; a speaker, writer, and director of the KSU iTeach Center in Georgia. He is a respected figure in the international tDCS community and has written many independent reviews of several tDCS devices available today.

The Type A’s build quality, ease of use and general design was tested by him and we are proud to post the results on our site. We have worked really hard to make the Type A an incredibly solid choice for anyone looking for a tDCS device. Please feel free to visit his website directly by clicking on the picture to the left.

We thank you for taking the time to research and find out more about our products. We truly believe the exceptional built quality, the overall functionality of the device and its features, the level of comfort and convenience it provides to users and, not less importantly, our great competitive price makes us the best choice for someone like you who is looking to get a tDCS device but does not want to spend a lot of money doing it. We have been saying it for close to a year and now we have independent verification of our claims. Thank you Dr. Williams and all who take the time to review our device.

Built-in High Precision Analog Meter.

Be in control. Know what you are getting from your device at all times.

Instant feedback on stimulation levels.

The Type A’s built in analog meter physically reacts to electrical current instantly. That is the best way to ensure the device is working properly and that the user is safe.

Progressive Adustment Dial.

Eliminates sudden uncomfortable jumps in electrical current.

Complete control over the rate of stimulation.

With the Type A you can gently adjust how fast your device reaches the desired level of stimulation, up to 2 mA maximum. No more phosphenes.

Heavy Duty Banana plug connectors.

Reliable connection that offers the best option when using ElectroSquare Electrodes.

Connect ElectroSquare electrodes easily and conveniently.

An exclusive feature of the Type A; Banana plug connectors are one of the most reliable electrical connectors for consumers.

Dual 9-volt Battery System.

A new feature allows for easy installation of batteries. 18V power allows for consistent electrical contact.

NEW 18V system with the use of 2 9-volt batteries.

Replacing the Type A’s batteries is a simple process. The Type A’s dual 9-volt battery system is easier than ever because of the dedicated battery compartments now part of the system. The extra power allows for more reliable electrical connection, even with inconsistent saline concentration.

The Best Device. The Best Price.

Get your tDCS device for less without sacrificing quality or design.

Stimulate your brain without draining your wallet.

The ApeX Type A is affordable and offers an unique set of features. It is ideal for people looking to spend less and get more. Get your ApeX Type A today!
Built-in analog meter.
Progressive Adjustment Dial.
Heavy Duty Banana Plug Connectors.
Dual 9-volt Battery System for 18V total power.
ApeX Type A 18V Edition – Ultimate Bundle.