ApeX Type Av 18V Edition. A new take on a very successful product.


We are very proud to announce the ApeX Type A 18V Edition. We didn't change anything that worked really well for our customers. We changed the things that needed to change. Now you can install not only 1 battery but 2 batteries in the unit. And that is done without having to open it. Now

Our X-Carve is carving!


Hello folks! We have been incredibly busy the last week or so working out the kinks of our new production method. We are now able to make a lot more Type A's with better and more accurate results than ever before with our new addition, the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) 3D carving tool, the X-Carve

Finally a tDCS Placement page I would use!


We have worked for months on this project but it is finally here. Our placement page is the perfect compliment to your tDCS research. There are currently 10 montages online and another 10 scheduled to go up on the site within the next few days. I trully hope it becomes useful to many folks out there

Optimization is key


Greetings! We would like to apologize to folks who tried to access our site within the last few days and encountered issues checking out and performing other tasks. It seems there are some optimization issues that require immediate attention from our part. Our team is currently working on that and the site should be much

A little over a month…


...and we can already tell how much better our customer experience has been. Thank you for your support!

The new website is finally up and running!


Dear customers. We have worked (and will continue to work) really hard to provide you with the best web experience possible. We were finally ready to switch between our first web site design to this newly created completely e-commerce friendly site. There is a lot to be done still, some content is currently not available.

We are nearly there…


After a lot of heartache and weeks working non stop, our website is almost ready for launch.