ApeX Type A 18V 2mA Edition – Ultimate Bundle

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The ApeX Type A – Ultimate Bundle is simply the best way to get started with tDCS as quickly as possible. It includes a complete set of accessories for those who want to get going right out of the box. Just add your own 9-volt battery and salt water (saline solution, instructions provided) and you’ll be ready to go.

Join the revolution, become part of a huge worldwide community of people who use tDCS as a means to achieve their highest goals. Get your ApeX Type A – Ultimate Bundle today!

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The ApeX Type A 18V – Ultimate Bundle includes the following items:

  • 1 ApeX Type A 18V – Transcranial direct current stimulator.
  • 2 ElectroSquare electrodes. (NEW BANANA PLUG CONNECTOR VERSION) (hypoallergenic, rust resistant, dishwasher safe, cellulose sponge).
  • 1 set of  ElectroSquare electrode cables NEW RUST RESISTANT VERSION. (4 ft or 1.2 m in lenght).
  • 2 high quality terrycloth electrode positioning headbands.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
Built-in Meter Precision Analog Meter

High-quality analog meter built into the unit allows for instantaneous readings on the level of stimulation. Without a meter built-in, a tDCS user would have no way of knowing if the device is outputting the desired amount of electrical current required for a proper tDCS session. We at ApeX Electronics cannot stress this enough; a high-quality meter is A MUST HAVE FEATURE for any tDCS device. We test and calibrate the meters extensively prior to shipping. The customized color coded meter tag allows for an easy "safety check" on the device while operating it during sessions. As long as the needle is in the green area, the device is operating within is specified range.

Progressive Adjustment Dial

The Progressive Adjustment Dial helps users control the rate of stimulation in a natural almost organic way, This is one of the main advantages of using a fully analog device like the ApeX Type A 18V Edition. Because the user can control the rate of stimulation manually and there are no digital steps between lower and higher levels, the user can adjust how fast or slow the rate of stimulation will increase or decrease. This introduces a level of comfort unparalleled by anything that uses a DSP (digital signal processor). The Type A is akin to a filament light bulb vs a fluorescent light bulb which in this example would represent a digital device. The filament bulb's brightness can be minutely controlled by a light dimmer while a fluorescent bulb is either on or off and, while on, flickers continuously many times a second to simulate continuity.

Heavy Duty Banana Plug Connectors

Banana plug connectors are very easy to use, heavy duty and present in many different types of electronic products when reliability signal quality is required. No wonder audiophiles, who are notoriously picky about wires and connectors, use banana plugs exclusively to plug expensive speakers. The Type A 18V Edition allows you to connect a pair of ElectroSquare Electrodes directly into these two color-coded ports. And, if desired, the posts unscrew to reveal a second connector on the shaft of the post that can be used with wire leads (if multiple anode/cathode configuration is desired by the customer) keeping with the ApeX Type A tradition of offering an option for multiple electrode connections.

Ergonomic Design

The Type A is compact, very portable, and fits in your hands in a very comfortable way. All controls are easily accessible and are placed in specific positions to allow for easy operation.

Dual 9-volt battery system

Dual 9-volt battery system simplifies the design, adds more power to the unit and makes it handle variables such as poor saline quality, skin or hair products interfering with conductivity etc much better than a 9-volt system would, although 9-volt still adequate to reach proper levels of stimulation. 9-volt batteries are very affordable and easy to find; they also last for a very long time. As this device uses both of them at the same time, we estimate users won't have to replace them for at least 4 months of continuous average use. The battery compartments in the back of the unit also simplify battery installation considerably.

ApeX Type A 18V Edition - Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, just add your own 9-volt battery and saline solution (instructions on how to make saline provided).


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