I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!!!  I have been struggling with depression my entire life and have tried almost every anti depressant under the Sun and the side effects always outweighed the benefits.  As a result I had accepted that it was something I was probably going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.  I recently read an article on the possible benefits of tDCS in treating depression and after some research found Apex was a high quality recommended tDCS device for a reasonable price.  I have been using it for four days and I still can’t believe what it has done for me.  My depression is GONE and for the first time I can remember I feel “normal”.    I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

Jim, United States
My experience with the ApeX Type A has been amazing.
Especially the customer service.
You were courteous and responsive far beyond anything I could have imagined.
Keep up the amazing work!
I have conquered my depression and that all thanks to this AMAZING device.
Thank you very much for making my life better.
Marco, Ireland
“I did a session already with the depression placements on your site. My first session. The results are very good and was what I hoped for. I can only imagine what more sessions will bring. Years of medication haven’t given me the effect I’ve gotten today.”
Javier, United States
“I went with The Apex Device because it has everything that I was looking for. Solid build with quality materials, easy to use and the price point you cannot beat and I bought two of these. I use one and I use one on my Grandmother and it has helped my depression so much that I no longer take the medication that literally killed my sex life. I feel I have no side effects with the Apex machine and natural body functions have come back and I don’t wake up with the black cloud over me. My Grandmother we use for her memory. I ask her 3 things to remember at first and now we are up to 6 things that she can remember. Thank You Apex for giving me hope again.”
Robert, United States
“Just wanted to say thanks for your great product. It arrived in Australia quickly, and I have been using it for 2 weeks with promising result. I particularly like the built-in meter so I know exactly what current I am applying.”
Christian, Australia
“I am very pleased. The Apex is very simple and intuitive to use. I especially appreciate the integrated current meter, so I can verify the charge I’m getting, which turns out to be really important, given the finicky nature of electrodes. Last but not least, I love the aesthetic of the machine. It just looks good.”
Audrey, United States
“I’ve been using the Type A 1 – 3x a week for a few weeks now. Yes, it is super easy to set up and get going. Device seems great. As for my experience – its nothing short of phenomenal. Seriously, it may have changed my life, so thank you!”
Devin, United States
​”I’m enjoying working with the Apex A with Amrex electrodes (glad you are selling this as a bundle so I didn’t have to source separately). Solid and simple design at a reasonable price; I’ve been introducing many friends (academics, artists, journalists) to the Apex with uniformly positive response. tDCS is gathering momentum as an approach to enhanced performance; thank you for providing a solid foundation for personal exploration with this technology.”
Michael, United States
“Received my device in Brazil without any issues with customs. I had a few questions about setting up and connecting all cables. I emailed ApeX and they responded very quickly. Did not expect support to offer to Skype call me and walk me through the whole process. Thank you!”
Joe, Brazil
“Received the item and I would like to say the device looks superb, better than I expected. Thank you for being so helpful with my questions. I feel much more comfortable trying tDCS now.”
Olivia, England

“This thing is amazing. I have incredible anxiety, and I started using this a couple of times a week on the depression positioning, and my anxiety has gone away completely. Also it has nearly erased my procrastination. I’ve never tied my anxiety to procrastination, but when the anxiety went away, I realized that I was procrastinating due to anxiety. I couldn’t be happier with this product and have recommended it to several of my friends. My mom is a convert, too. She noticed the same thing about procrastination.”

Tami, United States.
“Received the item and I would like to say the device looks superb, better than I expected. Thank you for being so helpful with my questions. I feel much more comfortable trying tDCS now.”
Olivia, England